Golden Decades
Golden Decades

Back to the basics.
In the last ten years, type design has been confronting chaotic scene. The font market is flooded with a mixture of wheat and chaff and typography becomes increasingly complex. But one golden straight path exists. The path began from the industrial revolution, passing through Swiss style, now we walk along the path as a matter of course. It is sans-serif.
The decades from the Swiss style, namely "less is more age" to the contemporary basic style "Less, but better age", we call it golden decades. In those decades, type design met modernism. 
Go back to a theory in the golden decades, we redesigned new geometric, minimal sans-serif. Less is more and better.
We added cool and calm spices to the modernism in the golden decades. As a result, letterform has a contemporary, sharp, and neutral atmosphere, and geometric rounded bowls and counters create a nice rhythm.
Golden Decades consists of 8 weights and their matching Italics for a wide range of usages.
Farther, Golden Decades is supporting international Latin languages and basic Cyrillic languages including Basic Latin, Western Europe, Central and South-Eastern Europe. Also, Golden Decades covers Mac Roman, Windows1252, Adobe1 to 3. This wide range of international characters expands the capability of your works. Lowercase "a" has OpenType stylistic alternate for advanced typography.


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